Psst, here's beta copy of idTabs 3.0. Email me if you have questions.

Version 2.2

Here's what's new.

  • Changed option 'return' to 'change' Removes confusion with javascript's return
  • Added ability to dynamically add idTabs The most requested feature
  • Added 'selected' class option More freedom rules!
  • Added ability to change defaults Now you can select no tab to be shown at start
  • Bind idTabs to different event Switching idTabs via !mouseover
  • Auto-loading of dependencies Cleaned up the code and added more comments

idTabs, the whatever plugin

idTabs is a plugin for jQuery.
It makes adding tabs into a website super simple.
But it can also open the door to endless possiblities.

Getting started is easy, just download the program above,
and copy and paste the following code into the <head>

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.idTabs.min.js"></script>

Now any <a href="#tab"> inside of an element with class="idTabs"
will show the element with id="tab". See below for a better example.

<ul class="idTabs">
  <li><a href="#jquery">jQuery</a></li>
  <li><a href="#official">Tabs 3</a></li>
<div id="jquery">If you haven't checked out ...</div>
<div id="official">idTabs is only a simple ...</div>
If you haven't checked out jQuery yet, I highly recommend it.
idTabs is only a simple implimentation of tabs. If you want advanced features like ajax tabs, then I highly recommend the official Tabs 3 plugin.
Please let me know if you comments, questions, suggestions, rants, raves,
and anything else you can think of, about idTabs.